Friday, 8 February 2013

Zarina, the empress of russian dolls

This week, after a long long intercontinental travel in the cold winter, Zarina arrived in her new home (my home) and now she's enjoying some rest in her new warm and safe place.
She sits on a soft handmade (by AuntFran) doily, close to her new friends, two tiny snails :) 
And she smiles gently.
Zarina (Czarina in english) is her name, because she is a russian doll, the most beautiful russian doll I've ever seen, she is the empress of russian dolls (zarina is the word we use in Italy to call the russian empress).
A lovely woman made her for me, using her talent to give life to a dried gourd: she shared how to make these dolls here and here.
You've probably understood (even without following the link) that this talented and kind woman is my friend Pam! :)
Isn't Zarina an amazing gift?
Let's look a little closer to see all the details:
I really like the sweet expression of her face, the red dress and its yellow and violet dots, the emerald necklace.
Pam said she painted poinsettias on her dress because it is the traditional mexican flower for Christmas. Well, Pam, it is the same here in Italy, too!
Poinsettias are regularly given as a Christmas give (I received one, too, this year).
I love this gift! :)
I'm so grateful for having her in my bedroom. She inspires me to use my creativity every day and reminds me I have special friends like Pam!
Thank you, Pam!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Silvia!! I am so far behind in my reader this week - baking and delivering cookies - and when I finally pulled my head out of the cloud of flour and sugar in my kitchen long enough to pop in for a quick peak before the final day of deliveries, the first thing i spied was this lovely post!!

    I am happy to see "Zarina" in her new home - she is even more beautiful in Italian light! So relieved she arrived safely in the first place!! I know she will be happy living with you. And it is obvious you love her to pieces!!!

    Poinsettias! I did not know they bloomed in Italy at Christmas. I am so accustomed to linking them in my mind with Mexico - I think I have made some very incorrect assumptions!!! Must do research!!!


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