Sunday, 24 February 2013

Oriental style for mum's nativity

Mum often sends me photos of what she makes in her (little) free time.
You probably know she recently became en expert of corn starch clay and that she has a strong passion for all sort of nativities.
In the last photo I received I saw that she has been able to couple these two passions: she made a nativity scene with corn starch clay and other (recycled) materials.
It's a tiny scene (look at the measuring tape near it!), inspired by East (not strange, because she likes to set her nativities in all countries of the world, although this is a bit "historically wrong"!).
Love it! Oriental style rocks! :)
She made really a good job, so better than her first attempt.
What I like in all mum's works is the attention for details.
But now it's time to set aside nativities and other wintery/Xmassy things, because it's almost spring and Easter is approaching!
I hope to have time today to start some soft and stuffed bunnies I have in my mind for this season. I'm going to work again on the pattern I designed some autumns ago (you can save it from here or here, if you are interested).
Making softies... I really miss it! :)
So I'm working on bunnies for spring.
And you?
Did you find a theme to work on in this season? Flowers? Eggs? Chickens? Nests?
Let me know in the comment! :)


  1. Sweetest teeny tiny nativity! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Can't wait to see what bunny making withh turn up!! Me? Ha! would you believe Easter Witch?


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