Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Spotted photo theme: found hearts

It's time for the second episode of "Spotted photo theme"! Love it!
Hanna decided that the february theme is "Found hearts" and here you can find her collection of photographed hearts.
I'm not a fan of haerts as a symbol, but, surfing into my folders, I  noticed I have taken some pictures of hearts here and there.
My favourite is this one:
This is the keyhole of an old door of a church. The door has been made probably in the 18th century and so this heart-shaped keyhole.
I took this photo around 4 years ago, when I was working as historician of art for an amazing project of cataloguing.
Another photo I really love is this one:
It's a heart accidentaly "shaped" by a thread on my pincushion in 2010. Sometimes nonliving things can be very creative :)
I found an heart on a cake, last september. We were celebrating my "parents-in-law" 60th (!!!) wedding anniversary and our niece ML made and decorated this lovely cake and added a tiny heart:
And here we have some hearts AuntFran crocheted for me this winter (I'm using them for my bunnies now!):
And a sweet memory: the cake S. bought last year for Valentine's Day:

A thank you message for Roberta written into a heart (+ me):
I'm not sure to be really into the theme with some of these photos.
I mean... some of these hearts aren't "found", but "handmade". 
But I think they can be included in the game the same!
Hanna, if you're reading, let me know if I'm wrong or not!
Here the first episode (critters)!

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  1. Thanks for joining once again, it's a thrill to have you and you are very spot on with all your hearts! The rule of "found" was just something I came up for me, since I have made so many previous handmade heart-posts on my own blog (you know I'm very into the whole ♥-thing)!

    Love the photo of you and, the S-cake, sooo sweeet! :-)


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