Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Recycled felt for Easter bunnies

I accindentally felted a pure wool sweater in the washing machine last november >____<
I'm not a perfect housewife!
My cozy and warm sweater became small, but it kept (and even increased) its softness. I've immediatly understood that this little accident gave me a new and beautiful material to work with. 
Recycling opportunity, yay! :)
So I saved the sweater for futire projects and last sunday I cut it to make...
... Easter bunnies!
Aren't their back-sides super sweet?
Ok, I'm showing their faces, too! :)
They are simple and stylized bunnies, with long ears, a crocheted heart (made by AuntFran) and embroidered face.
I love how pink and turquoise give life to beige felt and also how these colors make a nice mix with brown!
I think they are a funny couple! :)
While making them, I changed a bit the original design: I added a tail and replaced the belly with the crocheted hearts.
Turquoise rabbit's tail is a tiny pom pom!
I made them using the pattern I designed some years ago and you can make them, too, because they are a super simple project.
Save the pattern here!
If you like them, but have no time or sewing skills to make them... you can buy the bunnies in my shop.
I listed them in two different pages: pink rabbit and turquoise!


  1. Love the shots of the two bunnies together - front and back. Well done!

    OMG these are so adorable.

    And isn't it a surprise how felting a wool sweater in the machine (on purpose or not) creates such a soft, soft delicious, squishy fabric? Quite distinctive actually and i have even had men (who rarely notice these things) ask me what kind of fabric I used!!

  2. I'm glad you like them, my friends! :)
    My favourite photos is the first one, my bunnies together with those tiny sweet tails!!! :)


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