Thursday, 21 February 2013

Why is embroidering so awesome?

"Why is embroidery so awesome?"
This is a question I read in &Stitches (issue 3) and the super talented Jenny Hart of SublimeStitiching answered:
"I love that it’s inexpensive, non-toxic, relaxing, is accessible to anyone and endless variations can be accomplished with it. It’s thousands of years old, yet continues to undergo ever-evolving, contemporary applications. It’s an incredibly fascinating, deep and varied medium".
I agree. 100%!
But I want to add something to her answer.

To me, embroidery is awesome, because it's a way to draw (and you probably know that drawing is my first creative love).
Stitch+stitch+stitch ... you make a drawing! But not a simple a bi-dimensional drawing, but a "materical" one.
A special drawing you can touch and enjoy in a different way than normal drawing made with paper and pencils.
This is why I like to embroider without a pre-made pattern traced on the fabric.
I like to improvise and draw with needle+floss like I would do with paper+pencils.
To make the owl, I started with a vintage pattern and then I added other details going totally free.

Embroidery is awesome because of its modernity, too!
Yes, modernity, who knew it? Before starting I used to think that embroidery is an old-style thing. And the first thing I made is a "classic" embroidered tablecloth.
I couldn't see other possibilities.
But in these months I learned the lesson. Embroidery can be modern and a la mode. With needles, floss and fabrics you can do everything! No rules, no "obliged style".
I think my idea to continue the fabric's pattern with embroidery is a modern application of embroidery:

But I saw lots of super modern ideas on flickr or other websites; I'm going to share some of them one day.

Recently I bought some embroidery floss in new (to me) colors (first photo). Black, two shades of grey, violet, blue (I picked up this one probably inspired by Pam's Dutch Canal Houses).
Not sure what I want to make.
Probably a new pencil case, because a girl in Japan bought the first one.
And other things for sure, becasue the modern-embroidery-bug infected me :)

And you?
What is on your embroidery hoop?

Fell free to answer the question "Why is embroidery so awesome?".
I want to read what you think! :)

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  1. After so many, many years away from embroidery, I have returned to it in a completely new way. Like you, I find that I want to work with my own ideas and patterns and drawings! I don't know what took place in me from the time i was addicted to meticulously replicating a kit to this new me - finding great pleasure in designing and embroidering my own creations. (same thing is happening to me with quilting!)

    But I am very happy in this new place and grateful to artists like you who inspire and encourage me with your creativity and friendship.


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