Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A photo book ("my creative family" serie)

Happy new year!!! :)
I hope you have spent this magic night in good company.
I did!
My sweet friends were with me and S. :)
And we saw together amazing fireworks!

I'm opening the year of my blog with a post about "my creative family". I want to show you what my brother gave me as a Christmas gift: a handmade photographic book about handmade clothes into a handmade case :)
A 100% handmade gift, ah ah (and I love it!).

He realized it together with her girlfriend and some other creative friends: among them a girl who designs and sews the clothes worn in the photos (her name in the last photo - back cover of the book).

On the photo they wrote by hands funny things in english (so you can read it, you're lucky! :P). A lovely project!
Every kind of self-publishing really excites me!

This is my favourite page:

I really like the message in the back cover ("because a handmade thing is definitely handsome"):

Yes, It's true!

This little book (printed at home in ten copies) is saved into a fabric case closed by a zipper: Costanza made it and my sister-in-law decorated it with that heart with a cross.
This is probably one of the best gifts I received this year!

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  1. Oh what a cool little book project, wow! I'd love a gift like that, and to make it too. Might be something for next Christmas... :-)


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