Monday, 7 January 2013

Silvia, the little artist

We're at home in Sicily again!!!
We spent a lovely holiday in the north and now I'm ready for the new year!
I have a long list of posts to write (first of all a tutorial about corn starch dough and all the thing I made with it in mum's company during these days), tons of amazing photos to edit and order in my folders and on Flickr and some ideas to plan my 2013 (planning is one of my words for this year).
But today a quik post to show you something (oh, so sweet!) dad found when I was still at home:
A work of art I made when I was a child!
I can't remember the precise moment when I realized it, but I was probably 6 or 7 years old (I can say it looking at the signature I proudly left on the back).
In that period I used to recycle some wooden pieces my grandpa (a talented and self-taught artisan who liked to work on wood) decided to throw away.
Recycling was already in my nature, eh eh :) [*]
And also my love for drawing little scenes with birds, too! This little work of art is not so different from this one (astonishing!).
I love this kind of treasures and how deeply they say things about me!
[*] When I recycle my materials I always try to turn problems into opportunities and this is a habit I had also when I was a child: look how I used a hole to make an expressive eye in the smallest bird!

1 comment:

  1. So sweet! And wow it is amazing how much it resembles your more recent work!!!

    IIt makes me happy to see that you see it for the treasure it truly is.


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