Friday, 18 January 2013

2012 in review: numbers!

After my return to home I finished to answer to Reverb 2012 prompts in my moleskine (started last december) and this really helped me to review my 2012.
But it's not enough for me, because, you probably know, I want to see numbers, especially when I'm thinking to what I made with my hands and what I've accomplished.
So I looked in my Flickr sets (a very helpful tool to take note of your achievements) and I noticed I had a very productive year, although I was thinking the contrary.
You can click the links before to go the my flickr folders: in almost all the photos' description I wrote the link to the related post in this blog, if you're interested in some projects.
For me and my friends I made...
- 5 t-shirts
- 2 refashioned t-shirts
- 1 skirt
- 2 neckwarmers
- 2 crocheted basket with recycled t-shirt yarn
- 1 crocheted bear (Mr. Buh)
- 1 fabric dog (Oscar)
- 11 snowflake ornaments
- 1 embroidered tablecloth for my kitchen
- 1 patchwork "thing" for my bathroom
- started to make jewelry
- a shirt for my niece (not documented)
- a bag for a woman I know
- a small pouch for mum (not documented)
- refashioned 3 skirts for my mother-in-law (not documented)
 For my shop I made...
- 14 bags (*___*)
- 5 brooches
- 5 fabric bracelets
- 3 moleskine covers
- 17 decorative stars
- 4 pairs of slippers
- 4 coin purses
And I also know that:
- I experimented with painting, drawing and collage
- I wrote 2 tutorials (fabric bows and fabric peonies)
- I sold 40 items
- I took and edited hundreds of photos, for me, my shop, my blog
- I wrote 140 posts for this blog (!!!) and 1 guest post for Pam
- I've been interviewed by Diane
I'm pleased, yes, I am :)

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  1. What a great list of achievements Silvia! I'm like you, love getting me some personal statistics! :-)


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