Saturday, 15 December 2012

What is it? A collage?

Two days ago there was a large space next to the kanelbullar's recipe in my moleskine pages. And it wasn't empty, but full of colors and images.
What is it? A collage?
Two :D
After more than one year I jumped over my fear and I started to glue images on the page and I finished to make two collages.
The bug input went from that golden frame I found in a magazine. The original plan was to write into the empty space (I like to write into frames!), but it inspired me to create a sort of "paint" and a collage was born.
So natural and so exciting.
It's a new way to create images; you use images created by other people to create other images, a process so different from drawing (= you create images by yourself).
I found this creative process so "intriguing" :)
And less difficult than my previsions. Loved it!
Now I feel like I can't stop making collages. Eh, eh.
My mind is full of questions about these two collages I created this week. Have they a meaning? What are they speaking of? Have they to represent a subjet?Or not? Can I call them "collages" if they are simply a group of cut&glued paper without a precise pourpose?
But I don't want to torment myself. I simply want to experiment and make beautiful images for my journal. And learn new thing.
I have no artistic ambitions, I only want to enjoy creativity :)


  1. Well! You must create to experiment and make and learn! And I am here to tell you that you have inspired me to create a journal of recipes!! Holiday of course!!!

  2. Yes, they are totally collages and very cool! I see meaning in mine all the time, often after they are finished and in the combination of different images.

    And yay you for doing them!


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