Sunday, 16 December 2012

Guest blogging about traditional italian nativities in Pam's blog

Yesterday Pam (the lovely woman who writes Gingerbread snowflakes blog) published an article I wrote for her. It's about the italian tradition of nativities (we call them "presepi").
The title is "The sacred and the profane: 8 random things about the italian presepe" (the word "profane" is for worldly, temporal, secular, as Pam noticed).
This is the second time I wrote for her blog (firts time here, about Santa Lucia) and I'm very happy she asked me to write this article :)
I love to speak about Italy, the real Italy and its traditions, over the stereotypes.
Stay tuned on Pam's blog this week, because she is going to publish other amazing posts about italian nativities. Well, it's a secret, I'm telling it to you only :P
If you need some inspirations about Christmas and other feast of the year, Pam's blog is a very good reading, so full of crafty ideas and well written articles about this subject.
[about the photo: the Jesus figurine - in the manger - in my presepe]

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  1. Amica mia Silvia! Grazie........ for sharing presepe traditions in Italy on my blog. It truly is important to me to share the "real stories" of people and their traditions instead of canned oft repeated statements published only to sell advertising. I am deeply grateful for the thought and time you gave to creating the article.

    My favorite story is the one about the wise men! I never knew about this tradition?


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