Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Super easy and cheap jewelry making!

Yesterday I was looking at some photos of handmade jewels and I found some lovely earrings and pendants.
They were very simple and I liked them very much.
They inspired me to make something for me: a pair of earring and a pendants. 10 minutes of work, I'm not joking.
Super easy and cheap projects.
I opened my box of charms, picked up some of them, added some recycled hooks and metallic rings...
... and assembled a pair of earrings and a pendant (added to an old silver necklace):
Nothing special, I know, but right for me :)
And a new (to me) craft, since I never make jewels or similar things.
The earrings are different, one as a key, one is my beloved hand with the word "handmade". Who said that you have to wear two identical earrings?
The necklace has a mushroom pendant. Probably I haven't written before about my love for mushrooms, but it's true, I love them, their shape, their being so "woody"! :)
If you're interested or want to make something similar to my new jewels, I usually buy my charms here (excellent service)!

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