Monday, 3 December 2012

Happy mail again! Fabrics from Francesca

Do you remember my friend Francesca?She is the beautiful bride who asked me for a bag to wear on her wedding day last June.
She started to sew some years ago and bought fabrics to make things for herself, her family (she is mother of two lovely kids) and a little shop on etsy (now closed).
But for some reasons her passion for sewing stopped and now she probably hasn't the time to look for it. So she decided to give me all her fabrics *____*What a generous action!And what a lucky girl I am to have this kind of friends around me! Francesca lives far from me, in the north, so she shipped me the fabrics in a big (giant) box.
You can see in the photos what I found inside: an amazing selection of high quality fabric, in bright colors (oooh, Francesca loves purple like me!) and different kinds of fibers! A super lovely gift I'm not sure to deserve.
Of course I've already started to think to all the new projects I can work on using this fabrics. Since there's something I haven't used before in my sewing (like jute and waterproof cloth) I'll probably test something new.
And you know I love testing new tecniques and materials!
Let's give a closer glance:
So lovely!!! Beautiful variety of fabrics! Yay, happy me! :D
This is the second happy mail I received in the last two months (this is the first one). A small or big pack for you in the mail can warm up your heart for days, expecially when you are far from home, like me!

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