Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In love with these postage stamps

Last week S. brought me from his office a big paper envelope full of postage stamps he saved from the mail they receive every day.
He knows how I like postage stamps: they are a tiny work of art with a lovely "jagged" frame.
I felt in love with a lot of them, but today I want to show you my favourite.
The first one is perfect for this month. It has the words "Buon Natale" (= Merry Christmas") and a lovely drawing of a wintery landscape and reindeers' silhouettes contrasting with a dark snowy sky:
And I'm glad that someone decided to dedicate a stamp to protected species of italian donkeys:
There's also my favourite: the ragusano donkey!
I found two postage stamps about scout movement, too!
I used to be a very happy scout girl when I was younger and I am always enthusiast about all things scout related!
This envelope full of tiny art has been a great gift! Thank you, sweetie :)
Now I'm planning what to do with them.
S. said that his project is to frame the most beautiful together to compose a panel to decorate a wall in our home. Lovely idea, expecially because hiding this beauty in a drawer it's a pity! I want to see them every day :)
But  my mind started to develope other ideas. Hope to have the time to realize some soon (too busy, too busy! Why free time isn't enough???).


  1. I spotted these on my Flickr feed and had to pop right over to see what in the world you are up to!!!!

    What wonderful stamps. I am a huge fan of stamps myself and I love "S" idea of creating some kind of wall panel where they would be out to enjoy everyday. So if you do go another direction with your most excellent gift of stamps, tell "S" I am going to follow his suggestion!!!

    BUT I can't wait to see what YOU decide to do with them!

    LOVE the Girl Scout stamps. I was a scout all the years I was a child and into college. Brilliant memories. Sending you a Girl Scout handshake!!!

  2. oh, you was a girl scout? like me?
    Now I know we have another important thing in common!


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