Sunday, 25 November 2012

Snowflakes in the darkness

I mixed two of my embroidery projects lately!
Simple! :D
I made two white snowflakes dancing in the dark winter night.
I used the pattern I designed by myself for two of my previous snowflakes, embroidered them, sewn and slightly stuffed with polyfill.
I worked on this project while watching tv in the late afternoon, alone at home, waiting for my sweetie coming home. I enjoyed all parts of the process :)
Yesterday I uploaded them in my shop. I hope someone will purchase them for Christmas. And probably I'll make some for me, too, because I really like them.
My dad suggested me to use red fabric and this is a more conventional, but good, idea.
I hope I'm ispiring you a bit about Christmas ornaments. I'm really exploring this theme this year. Strange thing for me, because I'm not a big fan of holidays and home decor. But I'm having a lot of fun making ornaments (sweet little projects) and exploring winter themes, like snowflakes, darkness, stars, etc.
I can't stop :)
Of course my creative brain isn't on Xmas only!
I'm working on other things, like new bags, a shirt for me (long sleeves this time), cutting magazine pages for collages (maybe) or decorating my journal (for sure), drawing.
Today is sunday and I'm starting a creatve day cutting the fabric for my shirt. And you?
Are you working on a project you can share with me?
Are you exploring winter themes like me?
Have you a great creative sunday! :D


  1. I love how you are exploring many new ways to take these stars and snowflakes!!! I can not wait for my own order to arrive!!! My tree is up and awaiting a Silvia Star!!!

    My sweet bunny you made is sitting under the tree romping in the "snow" with the snowmen!!

    1. Pam, I shipped your stars a week ago, I hope they will arrive quickly to say hallo to the bunny :)


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