Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Can't stop making stars + new tools for my sewing machine

Sometime a new theme to work with comes in your creative life and you can't abandon it. This is happening to me with stars, after making the three blue stars for the last Etsy Italia Team challenge.
Love these subject!
Stars are so fascinating! And they are amazing in this period of the year, when Christmas is approaching (oh, so fast!).
So I made other star ornaments for the shop. Two set, the firts in black and white, the second in red and cream.
And making them I tested something new: recycled faux leather and a new tool for the sewing machine.
Happy me! I can't stop to try new things and see my creative path going on day after day :)
They are a super simple project and I think you can try to make them by yourself, too!
These are the black and white stars:
And these are the red stars:
I'm selling each set for 7 € (+ shipping). I think it's a good price (pricing handmade things is so difficult!).
Working with leather (authentyc or faux, it doesn't matter) with a common sewing machine isn't so hard as people imagine.
You only need the right tools: proper needles (specifically made for sewing leather) and a presser foot that slip on the leather surface (it can be "sticky" and impede the work).
Recently I bought this presser foot:
It has two "roll wheels" that help the leather in slipping.
I know that there are also teflon presser feet, made with the same purpose, but an expert tailor said me that this model with rolls is the best choice.
Have you other advices about sewing with leather?
I really like this material (expecially when it is faux and/or recycled, I don't want to waste animal lives) and, you know, I can't stop to learn! :)

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