Wednesday, 28 November 2012


When I started my adventure with a little shop (and, after some time, this blog) I had a lot of doubts about the name to choose for it.
My will was a name speaking of me, but also with a good sound.
After some thinking I decided to include in the name my totem, the fox. And so I decided for "Madame Renard", the french version of "Mrs Fox", but so much more elegant and more simple to pronounce than the italian "Signora Volpe" :)
Why the fox is my totem?
Oh, because this animal represents what I want to be. 
It's wild, connected with nature, a free spirit, a strong body, a wise soul and a clever mind, but also an elegant creature, clean, with a style.
Love it!
This is a fox I photographed in Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy) some years ago. It's so beautiful!
My plans were also to work on foxy themes, but I have done almost nothing... only one hand-carved stamp and some faux postage stamps with a fox in them.
But almost daily I save other people's foxy projects as inspirations for future works.
Today I'm sharing some of them with you.
- lovely tiny landscapes with foxes by ohchalet (Etsy)... I'll purchase on of them for sure when my little sewing studio will be ready
- funny foxes in Krisblues art prints (Etsy)
- amazing foxes by Schalle (Etsy) are in my wishlist, too
- All Paola's foxes are so cute! And one of them received my name, too!
- Amazing fox in fox&swell, found via Flickr
- Abigail the red fox (what a funny look!)
- a pattern to sew foxes by Sarah (Etsy)
- Feodor fox by revoluzza
- Bernard the fox amigurumi pattern (Etsy)
- Amazing embroidery pattern of a sleeping fox by Nicole
- a silver fox here (by SisterTwisty on Flickr)
- embroidered fox pendant by MotherEagle (Flickr)
A lot of great inspirations! :)
Uh, only one last note: the movie "Fantastic mr. Fox" is waiting for me  in my parents' home and I can't wait to see it during Xmas holidays, when I will be there for 10 days!

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