Sunday, 4 November 2012

Happy mail recently!

Nothing warms up a day like happy things in the mailbox! :)
Expecially when you're very far from home, like me, and an envelope is from your beloved aunt!
And when you have a special passion for indie-publishing and in the second envelope there is one of your favourite art zines!
AuntFran's envelope
Guess what AuntFran sent me?
Some crafty things, of course! You probably know that she is my partner-in-crime in my crafty adventures and she is a super talented knitter and crocheter (uhm... does this word exist? Not sure at all).
She surprized me with an envelope filled with 20 crocheted bracelets and 8 pairs of crocheted earrings *____*
She made them for my shop, but I can keep my favourite for me, of course.
So this one is my new lilac bracelet:
I also like the navy blue bracelet, the dark blue earrings and the lilac earrings; probably I'll add them to my (little) collection of handmade jewellery:
After some problems with the photos (bad light!!!), I listed three bracelets in my shop: one is pale pink, one is dark blue, one is canary yellow.
My aunt is a special woman. I'm so happy to have her in my life :)
The zine
In the second envelope I found a zine I ordered some days ago from Sprouthead shop: 'Minutiae n. 3 - Cicada song'.
This isn't the first time I buy Aijung Kim's zines, but I have all the issues of 'Minutiae' and other zines (here what I ordered last december).
I like her style in drawing and the simple content (about daily life and finding joy in small things).
In this zine there's something different from the past issues: she started to use a typewriter for some pages, and the fonts make a beautiful mix with the handwritten parts.
There's also something new in her images, like the use of tiny line drawing not only to make shadows or filling the shapes, but also to define the contours (a thing that really impressed me):
I found in the envelope also two little gifts: another sheet of faux postage stamps and a card of Aijung Kim's big project "The golden moth illumination deck".
Very good shopping experience and nice reading moments for me! :)

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