Friday, 2 November 2012

Thank you!

Today I want to send a huge "Thank you" to all of you, my readers, on-line friends and supporters.
Some days ago I looked at my blog statistics and I jumped on the chair when I saw this:
The graphic says that the visited pages of my blog in october almost doubled (compared to the average of the visits in the past months).
I'm so astonished by that line running to the top of the graphic!
I don't know why it happened. No news here in the blog, recently. I simply went on writing and sharing a bit of my creative life like I've done in the past.
But this little event makes me so happy :)
At the end of october my blog also received its first Flattr [*] donation! :)
Thank you, unknown reader, for clicking on that little green button here on the right! You warmed up my heart! :)
**** THANK YOU ****
[*] If you don't know what Flattr is and how it works, you can read Hanna's and Carina's post.

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