Friday, 9 November 2012

Etsy Italia Team for Etsy - Hurrican Sandy

You probably remember that I'm part of that amazing community under the name of "Etsy Italia Team" and that we often start fund raising campaigns for different causes.
With the last campaign we donated almost 1.500 € to help people who suffered Emilia Romagna earthquake. A great success!
A lot of people in the world supported us during this campaign and now it's the time for us the support other people in the world.
You know, a terrible Hurricane named Sandy caused so much devastation in Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and USA!
Another Etsy team (TeamFab) is working to rais funds to donate to American Red Cross.
Of course Etsy Italia Team decided to help!
We are working to promote their campaign as we can and some of us also gave handmade objects to sell.
You can help, too!
Here a list of things you can do to help TeamFab to get money to donate:
- buy one (or more) of these lovely handmade things
- make a treasury (or two, or three...) including some donated objects and promote it
- donate an object: list it in your shop and then contact Mila for all the infos you need about donation's process (I'm going to give some crocheted bracelets made by AuntFran)
- do some of the things suggested by our team here
- share this post and its links to other people. Spread the love! :)

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