Monday, 12 November 2012

How to damage a Moleskine notebook

I know a lot of people who buy Moleskine notebooks (or other beautiful and "precious" notebooks) and don't use them, because they don't want to damage their pages.
"You know" they say "This notebook is so lovely that I'm afraid to ruin it!".
Their beautiful notebooks sleep on bookshelves or into drawers, because their owner are waiting for the right occasion to use them. They are waiting "important" things to write into those white pages.
Well, I'm not this kind of person... I love to damage my moleskine :)
First because I paid a fair amount of money to buy them (they are a bit expensive) and letting a not-cheap thing unused is a waste of money, in my opinion.
Second because they are notebooks! They need your thoughts into the pages, they were born for this aim! They don't like to stay alone and silent into drawers. I don't want sad notebooks in my home.
Third because, hey, who said there is only one proper way (tidy and serious) to use them? I like to have fun with my notebooks and funny things, well, sometime are a bit dirty and mess and make some damages.
Almost two years ago I wrote that my way to use my moleskines was changing: I started to make more visual pages. And to irreparably damage my precious notebook :P
I glue into it all sorts of things:

In this pages we have...
... fabric scraps from finished sewing projects (there is a part of the dotted belly of Oscar the dog, and some back parts of my embroidered snowflakes)
... lovely things I received in the mail (on the left you can see a card sent by Aijung Kim and three of her faux postage stamps)
... printed patterns for my craft project (do you recognize Carina's embroidery pattern?)
... images I like, cut away from magazines
... papers with a special meaning to me (that dusty blue heart, my way to thank our captain Roberta)
Messy pages but so important and funny! They sum up my creative steps during 2012 autumn!
I've already said that I like to use Moleskine's pages also to text unfinished things, like my handcarved stamps. And I also like to decor them here and there with my not-perfect artsy things.
Last sunday I used ALL of my stamps on a page and I made a vibrant red+black mess:
Then I drew a sort of frame and started to write down some happy memories.
Some days ago I glued a beautiful image in the first page of the notebook (still white, because I don't like to write on the first page):
You know I like all things in small dimensions and that magazine page attracted my attention. A lot of lovely little things in it! This photo represents how I want my notebook to be: filled with little everyday things (who said they are not important or less important that big events?).
And this is how I damage my beautiful and expensive moleskine notebook.
I damage its pages filling it with unexpensive precious little things :)
Uh, and you can damage the cover, too! :)

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