Friday, 5 October 2012

The first snowflake

I'm embroidering sowflakes like a crazy girl, while outside of the window the sun is burning and giving us warm temperatures and great weather.
I'm working on my plans :)
The red snowflake in the photo is the first one I made.
I printed some regular hexagons to help me in drawing them.
I haven't a precise project about them, I don't know how I'll use this white linen full of coloured snaflakes.
I'm only letting my creativity go free.
It's relaxing :)
I also diligently transferred on a cloth of organic linen the "tree of joy" pattern Carina sent me some days ago.
A sunny window helped me.

I'm ready to start :)


  1. You had me with the snowflake! And then you completely did me in with Carina's pattern! I am definitely ordering it today!!!

    Your snowflake is simply beautiful. I am loving the red on white.

    Actually, I had thought of doing something similar this year - embroidering a whole pile of snowflakes on a table runner. But it is not going to happen! So i am going to especially enjoy yours instead! Keep sharing your progress please.

  2. Love that you're so into embroidery now, the snow flake in red looks lovely and will be perfect this winter/Christmas. I hope you finish it

  3. Embroidery! I love it :) I haven't done much though. Your snowflake looks awesome!

  4. Thank you, girls, for your kind words about my snowflakes-projects.
    I've just finished 12 snowflakes and I'm ready to blog about them (tomorrow, maybe)


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