Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mission impossible: 2012 summer in sixteen photos

Picking up only sixteen photos taken this summer for this mosaic hasn't been easy. I've tons of photos in my folders, because I'm a compulsive photographer (yes, I know!) and because we had an extremely busy summer, full of things so happy(*) that I couldn't stop to document them.

Some of these photos haven't been published before, some have their blog-post.
This collage tells me a lovely story about creativity, flowers, nature, sea, art, cooking and family life. It tells a part of my story :)
I'm so sorry that I couldn't include some of the dozens of photos I have with my little nephews and nieces (their parents don't like the idea to see their children published and I respect their opinion).
They are so sweet and funny!
A great summer finished!
Collage made using picmonkey, as usual.
(*) some happy things of this summer:
- My boyfriend's dad turned 80
- My parents-in-law celebrated their 60 (!!!) wedding anniversary
- My nephiew Luca was baptized
- We knew for the firts time our niece Lidia, who lives in UK, when she was 11 months old
- Mum&dad came to visit us two times and we explored Sicily together
- Marianna and Martino got married
- We celebrated my boyfriend's birthday
Is it enough?


  1. Sono la contraria. Non ho mai fare le foto. Mi sembra sempre di dimenticare la mia macchina di foto.

    (Sorry if this is wrong. I didn't know the word for "camera".)

    1. The right word for camera is "macchina fotografica", but in this digital era we often call it "fotocamera" (if it's a digital camera).

  2. The idea of making a collage of a season's adventures really appeals to me! I don't recognize all the images, but there are many I do and I am thinking oh I remember that or that or that!

    You have given me something to think about -


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