Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My dog is a dandy

My dog is so dandy that he always wears bow-ties in odd colors :)
Like canary yellow!

Isn't he lovely?
He's the new entry in the family of handmade softies I have at home (in the bedroom where mum&dad sleep when the come to visit us).
His new friends are Erasmo the crocodile, Mr Buh, and two giraffes.
A little and cute zoo!
His name is Oscar, a "tribute" to the most famous dandy man of the world (yes, Oscar Wilde). I like this name, because it's short and simple (perfect for a pet) and it is a common name in Italy (so used that it sounds to me like an italian name althought it's foreign).
I made it last sunday following this tutorial (with free pattern, too!).
I don't know if I made some mistakes printing the pattern or not, but the sure thing is that I obtained a tiny tiny creature.
And it's not so simple to sew.
So, please, if you want to sew a dog for you, take a minute to consider the measurements of your pattern pieces, especially if you are a beginner in sewing.
However the pattern works well. It's perfectly drawn. No complaints.
I love it! :)
I want to enlarge it a bit to make a bigger dog someday!
Oscar is almost 100% made of recycled materials!
The dark brown fabric is a part of my boyfriend's trousers, the turquoise (with cute polka dots in white) belly is made of a tiny fabric sampler, the bow-tie is a ribbon I saved from a gift wrap, the other parts are made of small leftovers of other sewing projects.
Well, Oscar is a niece dog :)
I likes to keep me company while I'm studying.
It has odd and funny ears that stand up. When my boyfrined saw it, he said: "Ok, it's a dog, but it seems to me a rabbit with donkey ears!".
Oh my god!
He made me laugh forever! :)))
Say hallo to Oscar!


  1. è stupendo!
    falli anche per lo shop!

  2. Hey, I made this same puppy a while ago! Here he is:

    Yours is super cute!

  3. OOOh, Johanna, your puppy is so well-made!!!
    it's perfect and super cute!!!


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