Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tartan bows for home decor

The bow-mania is still with me.
Bows... these cute little things can be used in so many ways that I can't stop making them (here my tutorial if you want to try to realize some for you) and test funny ways to add them to our life.
Some days ago a sweet memory jumped in my mind: when I was a child mum realized a Christmas tree with some real tree-branches from our garden and dozens of bows made of paper.
And I really liked it.
So I decided to make some sets of bowls to use as Christmas ornaments (not necessarily for the tree). I found some scraps of fabrics that were simply perfect for this project: tiny tartan samplers I received last autumn.
Made and uploaded in the shop!
My favourite set is this one:
But I also like the other two sets, made of more "traditional" tartan.
One is white+black+red:
The second one is lighter, having also some azure and yellow thread:
Althought they have been made for Christmas I think these bows can be used for home decor all year.
Do you agree?
I'm sure that my passion for fabric bows will be with me for long (today I joined this Flickr group to share my bows with other people in the world), expecially because making them is a great way for me to use all the tiny fabric scraps (or samples) I have collected.
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