Saturday, 29 September 2012

Big plans about embroidery!

Embroidery is in my mind in these days!
A lot :)
I won Carina's giveaway and received her "Tree of joy" pattern. It was the first time for me to see a .pdf embroidery pattern and it didn't disappointed me.
It's clear also for a beginner like me and provides all the informations I need to start (and finish) the work.
Carina suggests also the colors to use in the tree and of course I'll try to follow her idea. But another plan knocks on my mind: I want to try a white embroidery on dark blue  fabric.
Probably this idea came to me after seeing images about Sashiko embroidery in issue n.3 of the e-zine "&stitches" (I bought it some weeks ago and loved it! Carina is one of the authors).
Aniway, I can't wait to start to embroider my tree of joy.
I love trees, I love them as symbols and I'm glad to realize a tree that brings joy! :)
So... thank you Carina for this pattern and for being so inspiring with your blog and your work for "&stitches"!
You know that I'm a beginner in this art and I still need to learn some basic skills. So yesterday I became a newsletter subscriber of "Bustle and sew".
If you do that you can, like me, download some free things, like "Book of stitches", a lovely guide to all the most common embroidery stitches. It's in english, but the text isn't so important, because images say all you need.
I've also download the e-book "Top tips for stitchers" and "Charlie the elephant" pattern, two free gifts for everyone (you don't have to be a susbcriber to have them).
I have big plans about embroidery for autumn.
Making my tree of joy is the first thing in my list, but I also want to make:
- little framed panels to decorate my home using some of the vintage iron-transferable patterns mum gave me
- Christmas ornaments, like white snowflakes on red fabric to hang to our Xmas tree
- working around alphabets or monograms (well, embroidered lettering!)
- try one of the free patterns offered by Nicole in her blog (also Nicole is one of the girls behind "&stitches" zine!), probably "Happy when it's rain".
I'm not sure to have the time for all these things!
A thing that really opened my mind about embroidery's versatility this week has been Hanna's post about a selfportait she realized embroidering on painted fabric. Amazing work, take a look!
Have you some free resources about embroidery to share with me?
Or big plans like mine you want to speak about?
Comments are very welcome here! :)

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  1. Thank you for your kind words about the pattern. :-)

    I hope you have lots of fun stitching it! And all your other embroidery plans! :-)


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