Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Brown is for mum and me

Mum and I really like brown.
We love how it looks great with a lot of other colors, like green, orange, pink, yellow, lilac, pale grey...
So versatile, but not boring as black can be sometimes.
It's a vibrant color.
When mum and I go shopping our eyes are always captured by brown clothes. And when we buy fabrics... the same thing happens, of course!
Here is mum during her last visit here in Sicily. She is wearing a dress she made by herself with a fabric we bought together in June at the local outdoor market.
I love this fabric!
White with brown circles that remember me the stains cups of coffee make on a white table. Mum drew by herself the model, using an old dress as a guide.
She is a creative woman: I've already write about my mum's creativity here.
In this image she's taking photos of medieval monuments in Ragusa.
And this is a photo of me in a refashioned brown+colors t-shirt:
I forgot the take photos of the before. I can say it was a large t-shirt with an odd caftan shape I don't like at all.
But I really like the colors (brown+mint!!!) and the pattern, so when I saw it on the market stand for only 1 € I bought it without esitations!
Mum was my partner in crime, of course :)
I refashioned it into a simple t-shirt; I really like how it fits on me and I think I'll use it as a guide for future t-shirt.
Do you like brown like mum and me?


  1. Funny thing - my Mom's favorite color is brown! And when i was younger it was mine as well. And then something happened to my color sense along the way and now I am all about bright, intense, brilliant saturated color! But my Mom - except for a very brief flirtation with blue, is still crazy about brown. And since she is a redhead - it works especially well for her!

  2. Oh, yes, brown is perfect for people with red hair!
    I have some red hair in my DNA (my father and his sisters!).
    I'm a girl with light-coloured eyes (green), fair skin, some frekles during summer and light brown hair with a lot of copper tones here and there.
    My brother is like me: he has brown hair, but copper beard :)
    I use brown a lot for this reason.
    And I think also navy blue, lilac and all tones of green go great for people like me!


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