Monday, 15 October 2012

Table runner n.2 ... hydrangeas!

Finished in september but not posted yet!
In september I started to be a bit annoyed by the first table runner I've made, still on the table from last november.
So I quickly made another one :)
Like for the previous one, I used a recycled fabric: it comes from an old upholstery pattern book received as a gift.
It's a strong cloth, so it doesn't need batting or similar thing. I've only added a cream cotton fabric on the back to finish it in a proper way.
Around 30 minutes of work at the sewing machine... quick, easy and satisfying :)
I really like the fabric. It has a lovely pattern of hydrangeas, it's sturdy but elegant, high quality, soft to touch and a bit shiny.
Love it!
I used the blue sheet I found in the same pattern book for a bag, last year.
Being able to make things for your home is amazing!
And if you haven't started yet... you should! :)

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