Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nature never creates two identical snowflakes...

... so I embroidered 12 different "exemplars"!
The evident thing is that they differ in the colors I used, but the thing I like best is that they differ in the drawing.
I drew 12 different snowflakes and I'm proud to show them to you :)
My favourite are simple and regular; complex snowflakes annoy my eyes a bit and I don't like it.
You can see that I adjusted a bit the measurements after the first snowflake: it was too big, so I decided to make smaller (and nicer) drawings.
I worked on them when I had some free time, 5-10 minutes each time. I put in a box all things needed for this project (scissors, fabric, thread, paper hexagons, a ruler, a pencil) and I let my imagination go.
It's surprising how many variety of shapes you can you have working around hexagon's lines using only four stitches (back stitch, chain stitch, french knot and daisy stitch).

Next step: decide what to do with them :)
Christmas decorations for my home, of course, but ... a garland? Christmas tree ornaments? Hexagonal or circular? Stuffed or not? White on the back? or coloured?
Endless possibility, as usually! Stay tuned if you want to see the final ornaments!


  1. I can't wait to see what you're going to make out of them!

  2. Oh Silvia! Your snowflakes are beautiful. You have inspired me and delighted my eye. Of course you know full well that I have a huge weakness for snowflakes!

    And seeing your snowflake designs - well as you know i have been wracking my brain trying to come up with something I would love for my Scandiclaus robe. I finally gave up! Would you mind too much if I used some of your snowflake designs? I love every single one of them and they would be perfect both on the robe and as a reminder of my friend!

    Please say yess?

  3. Yes! :D
    Of course Pam you can use my designs!

    I'm so glad you and other girls like them! :)


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