Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Recycling a vintage leather skirt to make a bag

I've been busy with a recycling project last week!
A challenging sewing project that stole my brain's energies, but gave me real joy when finished: I recycled a vintage leather skirt and made a bag for a woman who asked me for it.
She purchased the skirt nearly 20 years ago and wore it a lot. But years after years she gained some kilograms and couldn't wear it anymore.
So she saved the skirt in a drawer, because the leather was still in good conditions and she hoped to do something with it.
And then she met me :)
She asked me to make a bag similar to one she saw in a famous brand's catalogue and I tried.
Making a bag isn't a difficoult thing for me, it's my favourite craft activity and I think it will be forever!
But with this project I understood that imitating bags by others, well, it's really a challenge! And difficulties are bigger when you have a small amount of fabric/leather to work with (it was a size 42).
I haven't copied a bag from a catalogue before and I don't want to do it in the future!
However the finished bag is not bad! :)
I'm happy to recycle old things and give them a new life: this rewards me for the effort.
I hope my friend will like it.
It's a zippered bag, medium size, with squared bottom (strenghened with a rigid panel), lined and with a big pocket inside.
I used webbings for the handles (covered with the same fabric I used for the lining). Webbings are a new material to me: I used it for the first time for this bag and I really like it!
This is a photo of the skirt (already unstitched) before starting sewing:
And now that this project is finished, I have the time to go on with my snowflakes :)


  1. well done.....looks very smart!!

  2. "However, the finished bag is not bad!" The finished bag is FABULOUS! And BEAUTIFUL! I am even more impressed with your skill than I was before!!

    I am quite certain this bit of leather will never ever see the inside of a drawer again!!!

    Well done you!

  3. E' bellissima questa borsa!!!!!!


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