Friday, 26 October 2012

Bedside table

On my bedside table today:
- my Moleskine journal (Le Petit Prince limited edition),
- Elle
- an envelope with this zine inside
- Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
- handmade basket full of things, like artsy pebbles
- handmade doily (by AuntFran)
- a lamp
- my snowflakes ornaments just finished!
What is on your bedside table today?
Is there something that makes you happy like my ornaments make me?
Is there a sweet memory of a loved person?
An amazing book or a quiet place to write down your thoughts?
Please, tell me!


  1. Hexies!!!!! You made your snowflakes into Hexies!! I love them!!! Your snowflake ornaments are just lovely, Silvia.

    My bedside table? Well - it DOES make me happy - all the stuff on it right now - but it sure doesn't look nice and neat like yours! It is stuffed full of all the holiday gifts i am making - crocheted owls, Tunisian scarf, a crochet Tooterphant, knitted gnomes, and of course the Dutch Canal embroidery and solstice quilt!!! Toooooo much stuff going on right now! and all piled on my nite table!! Yikes! It is a wonder i don't have a nightmare that it all falls over on top of me!!!:-)

    1. Yes, I made hexagons!
      A blog post about them is almost ready to be published :)
      I like what is on your bedside table... so crafty!
      I can wait to see the dutch canal embroidery finished!


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