Thursday, 20 September 2012

New supplies and tools I bought from Etsy shops

Recently I spent some money for new supplies and craft tools from Etsy.
We always need new crafty things to test and experiment with, do you agree?
I haven't use them yet, because I've been busy with other things, but I can't wait to start new projects with them.
They are...
... a lovely vintage scalloped trim from Altmeansold, a shop owned by Antonella, a member of Etsy Italia Team.
I love it!
Antonella sells mainly vintage fashion and housewares, but its shop also has a section for vintage supplies like the trim I bought (still available, if you're interested). Take a look in her shop for vintage buttons, ribbons, lace and other amazing things from the past!
... a doll knitting set from Annemarie.
In the kit I found the knitting doll, a stick, photocopied instructions and some yarn (in green, my favourite color!) to start using the doll.
In Italy we call this tool "caterinetta", a word that always make me laugh because it sounds like "little Catherine" :)
I'm not sure I've 100% understood how to use it, but I'll do my best to learn!
Annemarie's shop is filled with amazing and colorful crocheted items (amigurumi!), supplies and kit and crochet patterns!
... plastic safety eyes from einenie, a swiss shop owned by Anita.
I'm going to use them in my future crocheted animals (Mr Buh needs a friend!). This kind of eyes gives more expressiveness to amigurumi: in Anita's shop you can buy them in different measurements and colors.
I had great shopping experiences with all these three shops (fast shipping, kindness and precision), so take note of them if you need new supplies for your crafty moments!

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