Sunday, 23 September 2012


The bow mania infected me, too!
After seeing almost everywhere (craft blogs, etsy, flickr, magazines...) all sort of bows, I started to like them. And some evenings ago I thought they can be a cool idea to use some of those tiny scraps of fabric I save like a crazy girl! :P
I had some security pins (leftovers of other projects), so I decided to make bow shaped brooches.
I listed them in my shop.
My favourite is this one:

But also the pink and lilac bow with roses isn't so bad:

To make them I used sewing machine only for one seam.
All the rest is made by hand (I'm sure I've already said how much I love relazinx handstitching!).
Oh, and no glue in these brooches! Only fabric and thread (I think this makes the brooch safer).
I'm curious to hear your opinion about them!


  1. Replies
    1. sono facili da fare! forse scriverò un tutorial.
      (Making them is easy! I'm going to write a tutorial)


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