Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Draw what you read - some summer readings

Do you know "Draw what you read" Flickr group?
You can add drawings of the books you are reading or you have at home.
I've already written that I find this idea absoutely lovely!
I've just uploaded three photos of the covers of some of the book I read this summer.
"Auntie Mame" by P. Dennis, a book I found boring!
I know it is considered a sort of masterpiece in the USA and it is appreciated by a lot of people all over the world, but, uhm, not by me.
It disappointed me a bit, but I decided to draw its cover the same:
"Le grand Meaulnes" by Alain Fournier:
It's a fascinating novel and I loved it, although I'm not sure if I've really understood it or not. The curious thing is that I found it in the pages of another book, "Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter" by Simone de Beauvoir:
My Moleskine notebook's pages are full of black&white things right now.
I haven't written too much recently, but I filled some pages with black ink drawings. I'm sharing it in next posts I decided to title "Horror vacui" and "Obsessed by alphabets". So stay tuned, if you're interested!
This summer I read other books I haven't draw. One of my favourite has been the short novel "Il taglio del bosco" by the italian writer Carlo Cassola.

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