Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pam's giveaway

How are you? I'm fine, but a bit happily tired, after 8 days with my parents here in Sicily with us.
We spent together some family time + beach time (summer is still here, we are in Italy) + sicilian baroque explorations.
Lovely and busy days.
So I hadn't the time to write about an amazing things in the past days: I'm in Pam's giveaway! :)
Follow the link and enter: you can win 30$ to spend in my shop or in other 4 beautiful shops Pam picked up.
Of course the winner will be welcome to apply my coupone code EITKREATIV2012 and receive a discount of 20% :)
Pam only asks for a comment about "what if anything you have done so far to begin your preparations for the winter holidays".
Isn't it an interesting questions? Uhm, I have a lot of ideas in my mind about winter decorations, but haven't started a thing yet -___-
Hurry up! The giveaway will close septemper 20th!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much Silvia for sharing the news of the giveaway! I will be announcing the winner on Sunday and I hope they select your shop!

    You offer so many beautiful items, I don't know how anyone could possibly settle on just one!


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