Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bye, August / Hallo, September

A barbecue with special and funny friends on Mount Etna... you know, I can't resist to unconventional sources of light, I have to take photos!

My dahlias are giant and full of colors.
The thing that surprizes me most is that they seem to be everlasting: the first dahlia, blossomed one month ago, is still in its place in good conditions *___*
We celebrated My fiancè's birthday. And his mother's birthday, too! They were born the same day :)
The third day of rain of the whole summer came!
Now we'll have tepid temperatures for a couple of super happy days (here in the southern mediterranean regions summer's end hasn't arrived yet, sun and warm days will stay with us till the end of september or the beginning of october).
Acid green patchwork for my acid green bathroom... a lot of fun:
I'm going to publish a post about it, with a sort of photographic tutorial, so stay tuned if you are interested!
Hope you have some random happy things to think about in these days like me :)

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