Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Acid green patchwork (+ a photo tutorial)

In my home there's a little bathroom near the kitchen. Its colors are acid green, white and dark brown (the door). Love this colors together!
Recently we bought a new piece of forniture in white.
I liked it, but its upper shelf seemed to me so empty!
So I decided to decorate it a bit with a piece made by me. It was a great occasion to use some green and brown fabric scraps I religiously saved :)
Time for patchwork!!!
This is what I made:
(I don't know how to call it, both in italian and in english... suggestions?)
The inspiration came from the book "The practical guide to patchwork" by Elizabeth Hartman. Of course her instructions in the book are for a big quilt, but I decided to work in smaller dimensions and to sew a block made of only 9 squares (adjusting the measurements).
I had a lot of fun taking photos of the whole process to share with you, but I didn't want to make this post too heavy, so I put them together in a collage with picmonkey.
The result is a sort of photographic (and intuitive) tutorial, similar to the one I made for my fabric peonies.
I also wrote a scheme of the measurements in my sewing notebook.
Hope these two little things will help you to make something for you or your home.
Fabric used for this project:
- dove-color leftovers (I used this fabric before for this bag for me and this bag for Gaf)
- 2 squares of fabric with paisley pattern (part of a batch of sample I received as a gift)... paisley is my new obsession!
- 1 square of recycled upholstery fabric (center)
- 6 squares of fabrics scraps I bought years ago from U-handbag shop, when Lisa, the owner, was selling bags of mixed leftovers of the fabrics she used to make her bag for the shop.
- dark brown fabric for the back
- a sheet of "spongy" interfacing
Now my bathroom is a happier place to be :)


  1. è un buon uso di tessuto piccolo. Ho molto di quello, ma niente tempo!

  2. Absolutely perfect perfect perfect for this space!


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