Saturday, 25 August 2012

Flowers in my hair (upcycled headband)

Do you remember the t-shirt I refashioned for me some weeks ago?
It is probably my favourite t-shirt for this summer, together with the handmade blue&white striped t-shirt.

After refashioning, I saved a sleeve non involved in the making of the new tee. It was a 3/4 sleeve, wide enough to make something else (you know, I'm crazy for saving fabric scraps of all dimensions!).
Before leaving the home for our holiday I thought the sleeve was perfect to make a handband to wear on te beach.
So I made it :)
This is the sleeve (I cut it in 2 parts to sew the headband):
And this is the finished headband:
(This photo isn't a masterpiece)
The headband is soft, confy and fresh like the t-shirt and I'm wearing it a lot at home, too. I think headbands are a good idea to use some scraps of knitted fabrics we save after making clothes and probably I'll add some of them to my shop. Guess if it a good idea or not...


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  2. Carino, mi piace il tessuto!

    (Finally I spell it right! haha)

  3. Well done, sweetie! I think you should definitely put some in your shop, they're cute and easygoing! ^^


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