Friday, 24 August 2012

Sunset's different colors

This is the third and last post about my recent holidays by the sea (more craft&creativity posts are coming!).
We have been so lucky to spend a lot of time on a west-facing beach and consequently we looked at amazing sunsets on the sea almost everyday.
In my photography I'm a bit obsessed by how light changes in the different moments of the day, so I loved to take pictures of the burning sun, the sky, the reflections on the sea and watching how many different colors sunset has!

Sometimes sunset is orange:

Sometimes it paints the sky and the sea in light pink and pale blue and gives silver nuances to the sea:

(can you see the little sailboat skating on the sklyline? Isnt' it lovely?)
Sometimes sunset shows us a silver sun in a purple sky mirrored by a pink and blue sea:

(I like the detail of the little cloud cutting horizontaly the sun!)

The last day of our holiday we saw a yellow sun, a golden and bronze sky and a multicoloured sea:

Nature is always so beautiful and astonishing!

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