Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer colors: gold like the sun!

Fashion gurus recommend "the color of summer" every year and you'll find it filling the shops.
I have no ideas about which is the color suggested for 2012 summer, but, sewing this bag, I realized that gold is a great color for this season.
Gold... like the sun, the sand, the ripe wheat, the sun-tanned skin :)

I like this fabric!
It's a strong upholstery cloth I recycled from an old pattern book; you probably remember the previous bags I made with other pieces (different colors) in the past (all sold out, except the blue one).
I love this charming brocade, the two-tones bacgkground and the floral pattern. I'm so sad that only one (but large!) sheet remains.

I coupled it with a plain gold upholstery fabric: the handle and the lining (with two wide pockets) are made of it.

The design is simple: rounded corners, six pleats on both sides, medium size, clousure by a magnetic snap, handle suitable for wearing the bag on shoulders.

If you are interested in purchasing the bag or want to read other infos about it, visit my shop.

I'm changing my mind about gold this year. I've never appreciated it so much; I like best silver for jewels and I've always considered it a color for mature women. I was wrong!
I started to reconsider gold making the wedding bag for Francesca and now I look at this color in a new way.

Do you like gold?

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