Friday, 20 July 2012

Little pink inspiration book

Do you keep an inspiration book?
A little or big notebook where you can glue random images that strike your brain and you can flip through when your creativity is a bit blocked?
If your answer is "no", well, I think you have to start one now! :)

Recently I left a comment to this Hanna's post about my inspiration book and realized I haven't written about it yet!
It is a little pink and silver notebook I had together with an issue of the magazine Elle some years ago. I immediatly started to glue on its pages images from Elle and other magazines and now it is a great source of ideas for my creative life and for what I design for my shop.

I save a lot of bag ideas inside it, because making bags is my favourite crafty thing to do.
But recently some simple clothes and accessories are crowding its pages and lovely ideas for home decor, too.

No "artistic" intentions with this notebook. I simply glue images I like, photos of things I want to be inspired by to make something for me, my home or my shop.

If you have your an inspiration book, too, please let me know about it leaving a comment. Links to images of it are very welcome! I'll be happy to flip through your pages!


  1. Can you believe it - I have never put together a book of images just for the purpose of inspiration! Hanna has been trying to push me in this direction for a couple years now with all her inspiring posts for inspiration boards and books.

    This post has me completely convinced to make an inspiration book! I really am drawn to how neatly and beautifully organized your images are and now I MUST have an inspiration book too! xox

  2. I like that the "inspiration book" is so much easier and quicker to keep and maintain than a diary, art journal or artsy notebook of any sort. Just like you say, just glue stuff in at random and flipp through when needed. Yours is great!

  3. A non-electronic Pinterest!

    1. Oh, yes!
      It is for all the things you can't pin on pinterest, because, well, it's paper :)


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