Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Refashion: the blue&white floral t-shirt

A refashion project from June, not photographed before today, because... it was too hot in the last two weeks and getting dressed for photos was really hard for me (we reached 42°C!).
I adapted for me a t-shirt given by my mother-in-law with the ticket still in its place. She gave it to me because she has lost some weight recently and this t-shirt was too big for her.
But, hey, it was too big for me, too!
So I made some adjustements.

Here a collage of snaps of the finished project (I'm having fun with picmonkey again!):

And this is the original top before working on it:

It was a big t-shirt with 3/4 sleeves, made of a super fresh cotton jersey ad with a nice pattern of blue and white flowers.

I cut off the sleeves, tightened the bust circumference and then made new shorter sleeves. I decided they have to curl a bit thanks to a little cord that originally was at the bottom of the left side of the t-shirt. I really like how the new sleeves came out, they give a "jaunty" look to the top and helps to contrast to "old lady" look of the fabric. Do you agree?

I like my new t-shirt! No new materials wasted (mother Earth, this is for you!) and no money involved... happy me!
I'm wearing it a lot, expecially because it's made of a very fresh and soft cotton, perfect for summer!


  1. Look at clever you! I do not have this kind of talent at all - nor the patience for it. I have had a lifelong distaste of making repairs to garments. So I am especially appreciative of your abilities and talents!! I think your new top style suits the fabric pattern better than the original. Well done and beautiful!


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