Thursday, 26 July 2012

7 things I want to make

Great ideas I want to try soon:

1) Braided headbands made of t-shirt yarn.

I have a lot of ready yarn to make them (no more baskets! :P) or I can use jersey leftovers from my making clothes projects.
I really like braids made with 4/5 strands and recently I have them on my feet (thank you, Ewa, for that lovely pair of mint braided sandals!!!)

Yummy! :)
If you live in Italy or other parts of Europe, probably you'll have difficulties in finding buttermilk, but you can replace it with a mix of milk and yogurt (50% milk + 50% yogurt).

4) Paper butterflies that fly (I had one of these toys when I was attending university):

5) Tin punched dragonflies, following lovely Pam's tutorial:

6) Fabric garlands to hang up to the window near my sewing table. I like flag garlands like this, but also scalloped garlands are lovely! And this crocheted chain of flowers, too! Oh, so many possibilities!

7) An alphabet embroidery sampler, similar to this one:

Have you other great projects to share with me?


  1. Hello,

    I'm Ana from Portugal (Ana Love Craft) and I sent you an email and it wasn't delivered, so here is the answer :
    Well I love Italy !!!!Language la piú bella del mondo, food, ice creams, wins, cheeses, people, craft magazines, fashion, decoration, etc.....I visited Italy three times, last one two years ago, how I miss..... I spent 10 days in amazing Rome, and twice 15 days in the north lovely Torino, romantic Venice , Milano, wonderful Aosta, lsla Bella...Laki de Commo... I'm always dreaming about one more Italy trip and in beach is the ideal time for that...Thank you for your kind anwer, in your blog I love read italian I can understand it very well. I'm waiting for your new posts :).

    Greetings from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

    1. Thank you for these kind words about Italy.
      I suggest you to visit Sicily, the region where I live now... wonderful sea, baroque cities, archeological monuments, great food and wild nature :)

  2. That dragonfly is so cool! I think I smell an art lesson! I've done lots of printmaking with scraps of foam. I also really like that alphabet sampler. I haven't done a lot of embroidery and this is very inspiring. Such neat ideas!

  3. First of all - Thank you so, so much for including my dragonfly tutorial! Just put up a paper version for those who would rather not have their children playing with sharp metal edges!
    I feel like I am in very good company here among all these great posts!!! Definitely must make the lemon cream-sicles. My mouth is watering just writing that!!! And i absolutely must try out the styro-stamps! So totally perfect for kids don't you think - like you and like me!!!


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