Thursday, 5 July 2012

Olivia women shoes are ready!

As promised, I'm showing you the first pair of slippers I made following the "Olivia Women shoes" pattern by Ithinksew.
Not bad!
I made them in 38 european size, cm 24 from heel to toe, but of course the pattern is for all women sizes.

They are already in my shop, if you are interested.

About the pattern... it is great, well written and full of clear photos, like the other patterns by Ithinksew I have tested in the past, Kimono and Radella women shoes.
But this one is a bit more difficult to follow, I think it not a pattern for beginners.

After all those pins... the soles!

And the heels!

Opinions in the comments are very welcome!
Bye bye, have a good day!


  1. Oh, they are adorable! Love the fabric and your photos too. Might need something under the foot to not slip around so much? You can get a kind of glue for socks in some craft shops I think.

  2. Yes, Hanna, I'm still looking for a special glue you can fix under the soles, but I haven't found it yet here in Italy. I'm going to look for it in some e-shops soon!
    I'm happy you liked my slippers!


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