Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pins! (making the soles for new slippers)

Recently I neglected a bit my little shop (I made for it only this super simple salmon cuff).
But after selling another pair of my "Marie Antoinette moccasins" I felt the urge to make another model of home-shoes (or slippers, if you prefer). 
Although they are a bit laborious to make, home-shoes always give me satisfaction: I sell all the pairs I make and I receive always great feedbacks about them.
Recently I made a customized pair of home-moccasins for a canadian girl, who sent me a photo of her happily wearing them :)
So sweet!

So I started to make a pair of "Olivia shoes" by Ithinksew.
They are not ready at the moment (a blog post will be written soon), but, since I had a lot of fun taking photos of a part of the process (making soles), I want to show them to you.
The title of this post is "pins!", because these little tools are the protagonists of these photos (and because they always strike my imagination!).

My hands pinning the inner sole to the shoe (notice the foam I use for the soles and little details like zigzag stitches all around it... I'm a perfectionist!):

The scary moment... sewing the heel:

Pinning the exterior sole to the shoe:

The last seam by machine:

And (after turning inside out the almost finished slipper) other pins to fix the parts that need to be hand-stitched:

Curious to see the finished shoes?
Sorry, you have to wait a day or two :P

1 comment:

  1. Is there anything you can not do?

    I can not wait to see the finished home shoes! Please don't keep me waiting too long.


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