Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Almonds, hidden treasures

We had other bites of country life recently (and some hours to the beach!) and this is one of the reasons why I'm not blogging too much in these summer days.
Living in a rural area, close to people who really live the country life, has a lot of advantages, like organic fruits and vegetables for free, given by relatives and friends who grow them in their fields.
This week we had chilograms of fresh almonds, still in their velvety and thick skin.
Almonds are hidden treasures: to eat them you have to remove the skin and, with the help of a hammer or a stone, break the wooden shell that saves the edible seed:

I really like this photo I took of a opened almond. I saved it in my flickr folder dedicated to Sicily, because almonds are a typical product of the part of Sicily where I live. And sicilian pastries made of almonds are famous in all parts of Italy (and probably in some parts of Europe, too).
Of course I have a lot of other photos of the whole time-consuming process (S. did the work, I'm the photographer :P).
And you?
Are you enjoying some outodoor/country life this summer?
Are you taking photos of everything like me?
Please, share some summery things with me in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. Gardens, fresh vegetables and fruit!! The almonds look yummy!


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