Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Embroidery update

My vintage-recycled embroidery project is almost finished!
I work on it during those moments of spare time when I can do nothing else; 5 minutes of stitching a day.
Have you ever considered how can you reach working only 5 minutes a day? :)
It's surprising!
This is my towel at the moment, with finished and unfinished parts:

I haven't started any rabbit yet.
I'm a bit afraid to make them ugly and I'm not sure about the colors... beige, dark brown, black, grey? uhm uhm...

Though my stiches aren't firm and precise, I'm quite happy about those mushroooms and all the butterflies (I realized them with different kinds of stitches):

I've have to be honest: this is not my first experience with embroidery. When I was a child I learned the basilar stitches and finished some little projects, but it didn't capture me (I was too busy in drawing and exploring nature and reading).
I learned how to embroider thanks to... a group of nuns who gave lessons to young girls (a thing probably very odd for my not-italian readers, I suppose!).

Now this new (to me) crafty activity is fascinating me, so I bought issue 3 of AndStitches, a lovely e-zine written by Carina and Nicole.

Well, it's time to go on studying on my books. These hot temperatures (35°C now) will not help, but I'm strong enough :)


  1. I vote white or pink bunnies!

    1. Hanna, thank you for your suggestions, but I finished the rabbit in the mean time. Brown :)


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