Monday, 11 June 2012

The striped top

(New hair cut)
So yesterday I've not only photographed the poppy skirt, but also finished a new top for me. It was a hot sicilian sunday, the little town was sleeping and I was alone at home: the perfect combo for me to sit at the sewing table almost all day :)
Last friday I bought other knitted fabrics at my favourite stand (3 pieces for 5 €) and started to sew immediatly after washing them.
I self-drafted a pattern from a new t-shirt I recently bought; it's a large - "80s style" design (I noticed this kind of t-shirts are in all shops this summer!). This model is super simple to sew.

Now I have a confortable t-shirt to wear on black trousers (but I have not the trousers!!! >__<).
I was so precise while sewing it that I obtained this lovely effect on both the shoulders:

I'm in doubt about a few things about this top: are the colors and the model too "old woman" style? I guess if it makes me older than I am (35 years old).
Oh, and is it too long?
Please, be true in the comments, and write what do you think!


  1. Odio gli anni '80 ma questa magliettina è davvero carina :D

  2. Io adoro le maglie a strisce, non posso che essere a favore di questo capolavoro!!!

  3. This looks really nice on you, I think you chose the colors to complement your complexion really well. :) I've been on something of a cut-on sleeves kick myself, they're so comfy and versatile. Love your top.

  4. Nice top! I like the cut/style & the fabric is perfect for both summer & fall!

  5. Thank you girls! :)

    Amanda, yes, my idea was to use it in summer, but in fall, too (the colors are perfect for october!)

  6. First! Love the new hair cut! And the sparkle in the model's smile in the last photo - beautiful smile!

    And about the top - I am impressed with your pattern matching and stitching. Very well done.

    I like the style and the fabric. And I agree with Amanda - summer and fall!

  7. It's really cute... I'm I'm wanting to sew one myself!


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