Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pretending to be a designer

I think to myself as a crafter, a girl who likes to make things (with a clear preference for sewing).
I run an Etsy shop without business ambitions but only to have fun and give a home to what I create. No business plans and other professional things.
Only simple crafty fun!
But sometimes the idea of behaving like a real designer knocks on my mind... you know, drawing my line of accessories, thinking about spring/summer and fall/winter collections...
I haven't the right training to do this, but recently I started to think to my shop (and my sewing) in a similar way: I want to draw by myself some lines of bags/accessories and realize them in 2-3 exemplars (in different colors).
Pretending to be a designer (without knowing how to be), I gave life to my first line of bags. I drew the pattern (and saved it for future sewing), made a prototype, adjusted something and then made three bags!
They are small/medium crossbody bags, with a clousure made of a strap and a metallic snap, with a pocket inside. A simple design, because I like essential things around me.
Are you ready to see them?

1) In microfiber and cotton (my favourite):

2) In cotton and faux leather (the brightest one):

3) In cotton and organic linen (delicate and light):

Now I want to think to a new model of large tote bags and a line of clutches/pouches. I'll make them in three exemplars for each model, like I did for these crossbody bags.
Uhm, and I need a name for my bags, too! Suggestions?
(naming things is so difficult for me!)


  1. Oh, they're so lovely Silvia!
    I think you really should go for your own line of accessories... you've all the skills to do it!

  2. I totally agree with Irene! These look like designer bags to me! I think you are on to something.

    This trio - bella!

  3. I'm so amazed that you did the pattern, Silvia. Theses bags are gorgeous! :-D And very brightly colored, as well, which I love. :-) You've got talent!
    Ooh... you make me want to start sewing again!
    As for the naming... mmm... maybe something italian?
    Or since your blog name is "Renard", how about "Foxy"? :)

  4. wow! very well made and so fancy!!! Bravissima!

  5. Girls, you comments are so kind!
    they gave me the enthusiasm to go on and deisgn the other I have in my mind. So... stay tuned :P

  6. These are gorgeous!! I adore the red one. So cute. You could definitely be a designer. Well done!


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