Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Photos in the dark (four days with mum and dad in sicily)

So mum and dad came to visit us here in Sicily. Their second time in this beautiful region and in our home :)
We spent almost five days together, doing a lot of things.
Mum and I purchased a lot of fabric pieces at my favourite stand in the outdoor market (8 large pieces - 6 for mum and 2 for me - for 10 €!!!). We cooked a lot, ate delicious sicilian dishes, enjoyed fresh air having dinner outdoor and visited people we love.
Great days!
They have already purchased the airplane tickets to come here for 8 days in september, when mum will be much more free from her job then now.
Well, we explored sicily, of course!
S. and I suggested to visit together two lovely cities: Noto (a famous baroque city) and Siracusa (and its isle called "Ortigia").
In this kind of trips I can't resist in taking a lot of photos. Since I'm learning how to improve my photographic skills I experiment a lot with my little camera's options. One thing really fascinates me: light in the darkness and photos in unconventional lights. So I tried to take photos inside of Siracusa's Cathedral and of the darkness of the night on the sea.
I'm happy to see that my photos are not bad!

Inside the cathedral (dedicated to Santa Lucia): can you see the ancient greek columns included into the walls?

Inside the cathedral: lamps in the half-light of the nave.

The sea of Siracusa by night:

I also like the take photos of little details of life... what do you think about this little nest? Some sparrows made it among the columns and capitals of the Palace Ducezio in Noto and now they are the home of a lot of little baby sparrows :)
So lovely!
And I think this photo speaks a bit about me, because it sums up two of my passions: nature and history of art!
If you are interested in other photos of Italy you can see my flickr sets dedicated to Sicily , Lombardy (the region where I come from... oh, how I miss it!!!) and italian mountains.
A ton of great photos also taken by Avital: thank you, Pam, for sharing!


  1. Your images taken inside the cathedral - not only are they so well composed but the lighting and angles really draw in the eye and fool it into thinking it is standing right there - right in the middle of the cathedral. I get a sense of how old this beautiful structure actually is.

    The night shots across the water - tell me - were you using a tripod? I have not tried any night shooting since we started using digital but with film cameras it was always a pain - having to leave the shutter open longer and bluring a risk.

    LOVE the little nest nestled in the scrolls - I would have taken this one also! Mee too - nature and architecture and history!

  2. And thank you for the reminder of your photo groups of Italy. I have just been on a little vacation! xo

  3. oh, yes, you need a tripod to make this kind of photos in the darkness. But to be honest the photos in the post have been made without a tripod: I simply leaned my camera on a hand-rail :)
    (same function of the tripod)


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