Thursday, 21 June 2012

Etsy Italia Team for charity - Update

Probably you remember the Etsy Italia Team campaign recently started to raise funds for earthquacked people in Italy.
As a member of the team I tried to do my (little) part to help, writing a blog post about the campaign and donating two items to the charity shop.

I'm so happy to write a quick update today, to say that the team's leaders made the first donation some days ago: you can see the receipt of the donation here (english post) and here (italian post).
They gave 700 € to region Emilia Romagna, but we have other money to give soon. Our shop reached almost 1500 €: a very big outcome, probably bigger than expected, thanks to a lot of generous people who purchased something or made their best to promote the campaign.

I donate to the charity shop a plush rabbit made by me some months ago to use some fabric scraps I had.
My friend Pam purchased it and I'm so happy to know that my little bunny now lives together with a kind woman in a crafty home in the USA :)
Pam sent me a photo of it resting on her sofa:

Isn't its new home cute?
Very very cute! :)
If you are interested in those white+blue+red stars, read Pam's post about them.

There is another item donated by me in the charity shop: a fold over coin purse (unisex) made of recycled italian tapestry fabric.
And there are a lot of other beautiful items donated by other talented crafters, so, please, consider our charity shop if you have some money to spend for yourself or for gifts!

Of course I purchased something for me: lovely earrings donate by Fernanda of Nanofactory. Aren't they beautiful?

I love them! The colors are perfect for me and their lightness really surprised me. I'm sure I'll wear them a lot!

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  1. Oh my goodness! i was so surprised to see my living room and my much loved little bunny on your blog post this morning!

    I am so happy for the support of so many so that the Etsy Italia Team could realize their goals and beyond for supporting the people of the region so devastated by earthquakes.

    I spotted so many lovely items for sale - and all donated by their makers. Your sweet coin purse and the earrings are just two lovely examples. And i see that more and more items are added every day!


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